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5 Situations Where You Might Need A Tow Truck

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Towing Service

When it comes to getting your vehicle towed, you might think that calling towing near me is the easiest and quickest solution. But how do I know if my car needs to be towed?

Here are some situations where someone may want their auto transported away:

1. Flat Tires

Tires can run out of air when a foreign object damages the surface or they have low tire pressure. Drivers know how to fix flat tires, but others also use 'run-flat,' which means they still have some distance at slower speeds even after being punctured, so you have time for help before your trip is over and it's too late.

A car may stop in an unsafe place--stay inside with windows rolled up if possible and call towing near me right away.

2. Dead Battery

Your car battery may die for several reasons: poor maintenance, using lights when you don't have gas, and an AC running because it's hot outside (or cold), not putting enough juice back into the cells after sitting idle- these are just a few examples.

Tow Truck Drivers can jumpstart yours if they come across one that needs help! If this doesn't work out either way, though, then expect them to haul away or pull your vehicle off onto their truck right away.

3. Vehicular Accidents

In most cases, if you get into a wreck and it is severe enough that your car needs to be towed away, then call 911. Even if none of the other people were hurt too badly or have any injuries at all, they should not try driving off in one before getting help because there could still potentially be flammable fluids leaking from their vehicles which could start fires!

Calling a tow truck might be your best option if you have minor damages. The operator will give a more accurate assessment of the extent of damage and advise on what to do next, whether taking care in person or scheduling an appointment at home with our mobile service dealer.

A major accident could lead one towards ultimately having their car towed away, so they need professional help right away!

4. Running Out Of Gas

Running out of gas is not something anyone wants to deal with on their own, but it can be an unavoidable occurrence if you're too busy. You might think that it will stop by and fill up at a convenience store or station as necessary--but then again, some people don't plan enough for emergencies!

Do yourself a favor and call towing near me right away so they can come to pick up the car or bring fuel with them. They can also check for other concerns like belts before leaving.

5. Coolant System Failures

Your car's cooling system is vital to its well-being. If you drive it too far past the point where overheating becomes a concern, then several things could happen. Firstly, your engine may warp from stress, as mentioned above. Secondly, even worse can be water entering into places where oil cannot reach (such as around valves). This would lead to wasting money on unnecessary repairs and risking damage for which we take no responsibility!

If you notice your car's temperature gauge is beginning to creep up, find a safe place before shutting the vehicle off. The tow cost could be less expensive than replacing an engine - so don't delay!


It's not a question of if you'll need a tow truck; it's when. And by knowing the common problems that can lead to needing one, you're better prepared for what might happen.

If you ever get stuck in any of these situations, search for towing near me and call them as soon as possible.

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