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Loyalty Towing recognizes the investment you have made in your fleet and its vehicles and we are here to ensure your investment is protected, and to get you back on the road quickly.  We are committed to providing quality service at fair pricing.
No Exclusive Contracts - We will never require you to sign an “exclusive contract”.  We believe in earning our customers loyalty every time we work together.  Commercial and fleet customers receive commercial pricing and 30 day billing by setting up a billing account with us and providing some basic information.  No Contract.


Note: Exclusive contracts locking you into a single towing provider are all for show.  They are they are meant to trick you and keep your company hostage.  Companies that need to trick you, or lock you into a contract, to provide good service and honest rates are probably not giving you either.  Smart business owners know that these are scare tactics and they have proven to be unenforceable in court.  Loyalty Towing will provide you with good service and honest rates, no fake exclusive contract required.


Insurance – Loyalty Towing is fully insured.  We maintain commercial auto insurance, on-hook coverage, cargo insurance, uninsured motorist, underinsured motorists coverage, general liability, and inland marine just to name a few.  Do not ever hook your personal, business or corporate vehicle to a company that cannot immediately prove to you that they have all of the necessary coverages, no matter what price they offer you, you are taking on risk and liability.

§291C-135  Tow trucks; signage and insurance requirements.  Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the registered owner or lessee of a tow truck shall:
     (1)  Permanently affix on each door of the truck a sign with the name and telephone number of the tow business.  The letters and numbers used in the sign shall be no less than two inches in height; and
     (2)  Maintain insurance in the following amounts:
          (A)  Bodily injury of not less than $500,000;
          (B)  Property damage of not less than $200,000; and
          (C)  On-hook coverage of not less than $175,000; or
          (D)  A combined single limit of liability of not less than $1,000,000,

to protect owners of towed vehicles in the event of vehicle loss or damage due to towing or bodily injury in the course of towing.  If a tow operator fails to comply with the insurance requirements of this section, no charges, including storage charges, may be collected by the tow operator as a result of the tow or as a condition of the release of the towed vehicle.  Any person, including the registered owner, lien holder, or insurer of the vehicle, who has been injured by the tow operator's failure to comply with this section is entitled to sue for damages sustained.  If a judgment is obtained by the plaintiff, the court shall award the plaintiff a sum of not less than $1,000 or threefold damages sustained by the plaintiff, whichever sum is greater, and reasonable attorney's fees and costs.


Certificate Holder Status – When you setup as a commercial customer, we can, at your request, add you as a certificate holder on our insurance policies.  You will always know we are carrying the coverage we promise.  If you need us to add you as additionally insured, we can have that conversation and do that also.  You will receive a certificate directly from our insurance representative to confirm that we are maintaining the coverage we promised and that your assets are secure.  If we cancel our policy or change our coverages, you will be notified by our insurance provider immediately.


Licensed – Loyalty will never allow a driver who is not fully licensed and qualified to operate the class vehicle required to connect to your truck.  Using an improperly licensed driver nullifies insurance policies and eliminates coverage, placing your vehicles at risk and opening your business up to liability.  Our drivers are always properly licensed and continuously trained.


Rapid Response - We promise to be on the road to you in 20 minutes or less or we will tell you.  We understand that having your equipment and people on the side of the road is unsafe for your personnel and bad for your business.  All of our drivers are qualified to operate our vehicles, so we don't spend time searching for operators or scrambling to find the right truck.  Getting our commercial customers back in business is a top priority for us.  We operate 24/7 to serve you.


5 % @ 10 / Net 30 Billing – When you establish an account with Loyalty Towing you will receive a 5% incentive for early payment and a Net 30 account.



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